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We have unofficial news from the park regarding the public boat launch closure for Lopez Lake Campground… it is currently “AT YOUR OWN RISK” use and the full closure is anticipated in mid to late August.

Please keep in mind, our Boat Rentals are NOT STOPPING, we will remain open with normal boat & kayak rental schedule. Our boats stay in the water all year long and move with the shoreline. If you have a boat rental reservation, we are not canceling due to the public boat launch ramp closure.

Annual boat rental slips will not be able keep their boats on our docks and will need to remove their personal boats. We only have enough dock space for our rentals to be moved & placed.

FYI – there is enough water in the lake to be safe, just the “fingerlings” (or arm) extensions of the lake are having receding issues. The water is tested by the county weekly and plenty of water to take a boat ride, kayak and fishing. Lopez Lake is a man-made water reservoir for the Five Cities area. Conserving water is always the best action, even when the lake is full.

So, from what I found… currently the lake has 16,586 AF of water…. What does 1 AF (acre-foot) of water mean? In the water world, water is commonly measured in acre-feet. … One acre-foot equals about 326,000 gallons, or enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of a football field, one foot deep. And, the elevation of the lake shows 472 ft (I’m assuming deepest near the reservoir outlet,  not sure on this one??). Attached is a pix of Lopez Lake water website measurement https://wr.slocountywater.org

Why is the launch ramp being closed if we have water??? well I’m not exactly sure but I’m assuming the Public Boat Launch ramp was not built down far enough with cement for a low lake level, and can not sustain the weight of a boat trailer and/or vehicle in the mud/sand bottom.

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Lopez Lake Marina…  A Great Patio Deck with awesome lake views along with Boat Rentals, Kayaks, Stand-up Boards, Great Food, FULL BAR and Mixed Drinks. We also offer Groceries, Firewood, Charcoal, Quarters for campground showers, and so much more!


10% Fee for all cancellations if made before 48 hours.

NO REFUNDS 48 Hours prior to reservation.


NO REFUNDS ON RENTALS – Including credit towards another time.

 NO REFUNDS DUE TO UNFAVORABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS: wind, rain, heat, cold, fog, etc.

Waverunners will be charged 100% of deposit if you are to roll it upside down and/or flip it.

NO Reservations for Water Toys or Waverunners.

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